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  • Craig Jolma

Technology and Change

Technology is always changing and advancing in almost all aspects of life. Inevitably this has affected businesses, the lumber industry and more specifically North Country Lumber. It would be nearly impossible to acquire and implement every advancement due to time, cost, available space and workforce just to name a few. However, it is very important to consider what options would work best for your company because they might just give your customer one or two things more that they can appreciate. Here at North Country Lumber we are doing just that.

It all starts with embracing change from top to bottom in order to get the best results possible. Change, especially in terms of technological advancements, will affect everyone slightly different but remains just as important no matter the differences. Among the group of recent advancements North Country Lumber has completed or is working towards completion on, one greatly resembles this importance. North Country Lumber has moved towards bar coding all of our lumber and automating much of the process. It has impacted almost every step from the moment we get the lumber to the time when it is sold. As a result, many employees had a part in learning these changes and mastering the new technology. The customers should expect to see better efficiency, more timely responses to inquiries and just an overall greater experience doing business.

Sometimes taking risks and accepting change can be difficult, terrifying and runs the risk of hiccups along the way but the end result often justifies the journey. At North Country Lumber we aim to continuously improve our manufacturing operations with the goal of increasing product quality and customer satisfaction.

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