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Sawmill  Operations

North Country Lumber has over 40 years of experience producing the highest quality hardwood lumber from our sawmill. We are located in the heart of the Great Lakes region.  

We produce all grades including Cants & Pallet Stock. We also sell chips and sawdust.  

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Dry Kilns

At North Country Lumber, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality selection of North American dried lumber. With eight kilns, we produce over 12 million feet annually. Using more than 100 years of combined knowledge to produce lumber that is free of stain, warping, checking and other drying defects.

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North Country Lumber's bespoke services include planing lumber to a smooth, flat surface based on customer specifications and requirements. Our new Newman 282 planer produces an excellent finish and all lumber is graded and sorted using NHLA standards.

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Dimension Mill

North Country Lumber has a state of the art Mereen-Johnson rip saw that leaves smooth edges and sharp corners. We custom rip boards to customer specifications and work closely with our clients on each order to ensure a superior product.

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Climate Controlled Facilities & Warehouse

North Country Lumber's climate controlled production facilities and warehouse ensure the highest quality production standards are met.

Operations & Facilities: Products
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